is run by a performing network of artists from different fields, joining for a returning sound and vision act. Live d/vj-ing, -streaming, real and virtual instruments, analog and digital sources all combine to a gig on demand, featuring a discrete rehearsal with previously developed material from the semi-virtual think thing database.

The Return of the Think Thing joins participants from a broad spectrum of various artistic and discourse fields - engages in music, literature, performance and electronic activities in a complex set of structures and layers for public address- has a very simple but basic conceptual main-outline for an open set that gives space to and access to irregularly joining artists - is concerned about returns of material used in earlier performances - is reworked on the occasional appearance and compiled on the fly - is residing in a complex database for instant upload on location - provides the participants very powerful instruments with large sound possibilities, e.g. turntables.

The Return of the Think Thing gives the audience the strange feeling that anything could happen - performances recycle material of previous activities, thus classifying the return as a virtual domain, that started as a free improvisation in the first place - invites the audience to take a certain part and participate in the electronic environment, thus to enrich and widen the data base through its local use during a gig - material : audio video text images samples noise art cut copy paste algorithms electronic-ware.



manuel bonik (d): flute, piano, polymoog, turntables, subliminal sounds, voice. - sandro canavezzi (br): live rendered visuals. - michaela caspar (d): vocals. - chris chroma (d): feedback trombone & musical toys. - regina florida (ch): voice. - christopher froehlich (d): tape board, sampler. - doina gramatovici (ro/usa): poetry. - lars von goethe (d): vocals, keyboards, tapes. - till v. heiseler (d): operative statements & videodocu. - mike hentz (ch): maultrommel. - kid hossa (d): records & sampling. - jörg janzer (d): trumpet, keyboard, poetry. - tilo kaiser (d): sampler - martin kuentz (d): microradios. - kai liertz (d): guitar. - udo lindemann (d): drums. - tania llinares (f): voice. - dj lupo (d): video presentation - sean d.c. marquardt (usa): accidental guitar & electronics. - moritz mattern/roger blum (de): vjing. - mic mikina (at): scores, feed & remixes. - oman (robot, programmed by francis wittenberger (ir): talkativity. - maria-leena räihälä (fi): morgenvogel concept & bird masks. - konrad roth (d): mixers. - ira schneider (usa): hyper-model and digital8. - micha schroetter (d): vocals, slam poetry, world receiver. - iwanka skrivanek (ru): keyboards, synthesizers. - carlo sottile (d/i): vocals. - joulia strauss (ru/de): voice. - tom de toys (de): poetry. - kenneth trotza (dan): heavy guitar. - dimitris tzamouranis (gr): quick cameraedits. - kerstin weiberg (de): live computation of texts and cable performances - chris whitley (de): poetry.


Kunstpunkt Berlin - Engler & Pieper Gallery - Berlin - The Thing, Frankfurt/Main - Bergstueb'l, Berlin - Juni-Radio-Show, bootlab Berlin - launch option at BüroFriedrich, Berlin - Twen FM, Berlin - King Kong Klub, Berlin - reboot radio, Berlin - Fete de la Musique, Berlin - Walden Gallery - Goethe Berlin - Foto-Shop, Berlin - Microradio Performance, K77, Berlin - Studio ddt - zweiter Berliner Kunstsalon, Arena, Berlin - Tesla, Berlin - Octopussy, Berlin - morgenvogel station, Berlin - copa sonar at sonambiente 06, Berlin - 1:1 Radio-Studio-Show, Berlin - weser studios, Berlin - Foto-Shop, Berlin - WestGermany Gallery, Berlin - Oberstüb´l, Berlin - Pale Music Presents The RotTT at Eschschloraque Rümschrümp, Berlin - In Komppania with Maria-Leena Räihälä at Kunstpunkt, Berlin - Photoshop Movement III at ZMF, Berlin - The Birds, Too (aka The RotTTen Chickens) Special at the Morgenvogel-Station at the Berliner Kunstsalon - The Shamansim Without Shame Suite at MOVING FOREST aka the castle - FETTTE MUSIK at Galerie Walden

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